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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

What I Lost?

Yep. What i lost? Here goes.

1. Stihl Bushcutter
2. Sthil Chainsaw
3. 2 DVD Players
4. Dewalt Cordless Drill
5. Dewalt Cross Cutter
6. Nokia Mobile
7. Sharp Video Player
8. Sharp Portable DVD Player
9. Garmin GPS
10. RM300.00 Petty Cash

That about it save for the odd stuff i do not seem to be able to find like the rechargeble torchlights, safety goggles, the toolbox, the veterinary testicle clamp, dehorning tool and so forth.

I am getting pissed off just typing this.


Damn you Heri and Khirno

Streamyx Sucks