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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Van Rattles

I decided to get off early to go back to the house and pick up the Van. Gawai and all coming thought it would be a good idea to load it up with the usual farm essentials instead of tommorrow at the last moment. The Van hasn't be started in like 3 weeks! But as usual it rumbled to life at the first kick.
The hairs on the end of my neck stood like crazy when there was this sudden clankity klang klang sound and there was a puff of smoke that came up from under the engine. Turning off the engine i swore.
Got down and looked under. Hmmmm... there was some oil dripping. Fingered it and smelled. Not engine oil for sure. Must be either the transmission or clutch fluid. Hmmmm... Checked under. Everything seemed to be topped up. *scratches balding spot on head* Now where did that oil come from?
After getting the mechanic on the mobile and explaining myself best as to what happened he told me to just carefully drove it to the him! Doesn't he understand how much i sayang my car's? Torture it some more driving there? Anyway then there was this rattling sound but only when the rpm's hit 2000 and above. Brakes seemed ok but the clutch was a bit stiff and dodgy. Mechanic had a look and fixed the problem in 20 minutes. Was a seal, nothing a repair kit could not solve. Koolies. Paid the good fellow RM38.00. (Another reason i luuuurve Kuching)
Started the Van and drove off eager to get my shit together. Damn sound came back. Damn it! Drove right off to the airconditioner shop which was 5o yards down the road. One listen and the towkay says 'Aiya... sap sap sui Boss. We oredi closing, tommorrow you come and we fix it, no problem'
Looks like i am done for the day damnit. *sigh* Tommorrow is going to be a loooong day i think.
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