------- waddafak: She's Back!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

She's Back!

She is back. After 3 month's of waiting, she is back. I bought her almost 5 year's ago on a whim. Her paint was peeling and she was in a sorry state. I had been slowly getting her running mechanically before finally going for the 'facelift'. She does look so good.
The shop did a good job on her paintwork which set me back a fair bit but its all worth it. Kool Banana's! Still a fair more to get done but mostly on the little bits. Looking forward to getting her 99% perfect before giving her a good run.
Am thinking of the money already spent and all that much more before i am happy with everything. Well my wish to own a 7 series has come true huh? Now i have a 735i in tip top condition.
I wish this car can come back with me to Aussieland into the Northern Territory where it is the only place with no speed limits in Australia.I wonder if she can hit 280 kph? But then i shudder at the cost of running her there as fuel prices are so expensive there.
Now i want a Toyota Landcruiser BJ60 like what my prospecting team has.
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