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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Getting Sentimental

I was clearing my laptop today and found some old photo's. This is one i really like. It shows me on the evening of the day that we completed the basic structure of the 1st farmhouse, all nicely painted and rebuilt.
This was from the movie set of the Sleeping Dictionery. I managed to buy the whole house, named 'John's Bungalow' in the movie including another one named 'Neville's Bungalow' which i only rebuilt a year later towards the front of the property.

I can't really believe its been almost 6 years since that house was built. Amazing how time flies by. Really amazing. There have been some changes to the house since then. There is a roof covering where i am standing on the stairs now all the way to the bottom. The kitchen gets all wet when it rained heavily so we did the roof about 3 month's later. It was a good idea too as the wood was getting protected and it still looks good today.
I cannot believe we dismantled that whole structure, lugged the timber all the way up the road side, loaded it onto the lorry, drove for 40 minutes, unloaded it, lugged it for 700 meter's and rebuilt the whole house in 3 solid month's. *Whew*
The Sleeping Dictionery was released only in 2003 on DVD.

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