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Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Most of you do not know how pungent the smell of the Jackfruit is. By the time i got back to town with it i was about to get drunk. Everything in the car smells of Jackfruit now.
Nevermind-lah. After i cut it open? Everything forget already. It was really good. Really good. We kept some for to make fritters with. Yes. Fritters. Never heard of Goreng Nangka? Oi? You know the seeds can be boiled and eaten ok? But only thing sometimes really make you break damn smelly wind. OK, i stop now. It is gross. Yes. But the damn fruit was big and extremely juicy and succulant. Any Nangka fans out there?
I just remembered. You can also masak Nangka Lemak. Ummmm... maybe should add some recipe's here but wtf will even bother i think? *shakeshead*


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