------- waddafak: Almost 2 weeks

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Almost 2 weeks

Talk about going bonkers.

I was desperate for help on the farm and after sleeping/working by myself on the farm i was going mad with trying to shuttle between work and taking care of the farm by myself.

Finally had the time to go look for some new help and decided it was time to try out some Bangla's. Yep. 2 fellows, Shah and Mazzafar. Shah is the younger of the 2 and speaks a weird mix of Malay and English. Hardly can understand him. Muzzafar is the older one. His passport says he is 32. He is more like 52 if i had to guess. Slow fellow but he tries.

Now for the past week its been 'Show & Tell'. Everything had to be shown to them from how to fix the lights in the garden to mowing the grass. I had to buy another bush cutter, since the old one was stolen by the 2 buggers, and it was a real experience teaching them how to handle it.

The upside of it is i am actually quite happy despite their inexperience. The farm looks spanking clean and the seem to be quite enthusiastic about their work. But then my Mum always did say 'New Brooms always sweep clean'. I guess time will tell of course because soon i will have to see their labour agent to pay up and off i go travelling for a few weeks.

I think *fingers crossed* they will work out to be really helpful. Hopefully more trustworthy. Helluluiah!
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