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Monday, April 24, 2006

Friggin Kastam

A couple of weeks ago a friend asked me about getting some samples from Australia for his sister who is going through the 'I wanna be a geologist' stage in her young life. Basically he said to get her some 'Pretty Rocks'.

OK, So I get on
Ebay and get her some nice samples. Rather than waiting for it to come to me then lug the specimens back on the plane I thought maybe just send it to her via the post? I did just that.

This morning I get a call. She tells me one rock is missing! I go 'What the Fuck?' Apparently one of the prettiest of the lot has gone missing! Guess which one is it? See the pretty purple one? Its called a amethyst crystal. Guess what? The damn bugger left the tiny lable for her. Apparently Malaysian Custom had opened it as there was a 'DI BUKA OLEH KASTAM' stamp on the side of the packed.

I have enough shit on my plate for this week and am leaving it to her to sort it out. Sorry-lah!
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