------- waddafak: Python Night

Monday, February 06, 2006

Python Night

Will you look at that? I was looking out of my window last night after coming back from a late supper and had a fright! For a moment I thought it was my pet python.

But it was not thankfully! Rushing downstairs and running back up again to get my camera, I managed to get a shot of it slithering down the roof. I noticed the bulge and was wondering what was with its belly?

Running off again to look for a *cough* weapon to arm myself (i was in a slight state of panic) I came back only to discover the python was gone! A search for my cat Meow, has turned up fruitless and i am rather sad for its untimely and unglamorous demise. Maybe it was not her? *fingerscrossed*

So it seems that a snake does move fast even when its had its fill of pussy, and this was my excitement for the night which turned sad when i could not find my cat Meow.


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