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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Dog Chibeh

I just got off the phone this evening with a very old friend. We have not seen each other for at least 10 years as we have been moving in different circles and countries. Having not spoken to each other for at least half of those years still has not diminished our fond memories for each other.

This reminds me of an incident when we were kids. He came to my house one evening after dinner. I heard him calling from the outside gate. Going out I thought I must have been dreaming. There was no sign of him. Then I saw his bike. It was lying down by the side of the entrance at the gate front, right next to the drain.

I was thinking to myself, ' Must be that bugger was thinking he was going to scare me again by hiding behind the bamboo fence ready to jump out and scare the shits out of me'. I walked cautiously to the gate. I peeked. There was no one. I opened the gate and walked to the side where his bike lay, maybe he was trapped in the bamboo bush because a stray one had plunged into his arse rendering him motionless and in extreme pain?

Instead he was lying across the drain. His torso and bottom half was still sitting in the drain, the stinky water covering over his groin. Lucky for him the drain was made of earth but still it stank to the high heavens. I was afraid. He was not moving. His eyes were open. His mouth was also open.

Me – Ah Ken!
Ah Ken - *silence*
Me – Ah Ken!!!
Ah Ken – Aiyok
Me – Ah Kennnn!!!
Ah Ken – Chibeh-lah you… I dunno my name meh?
Me – Painful or not?
Ah Ken – Chibeh-lah you… ask stupid question
Me - *laughing*
Ah Ken – Aiyok
Me – Can get up or not you?
Ah Ken – Dunno-lah
Me – Why dunno? Just try-lah
Ah Ken – Choa chibehhh….. damn sakit-lah
Me – How come you fell in drain?
Ah Ken – I miss step mah. Put my foot down and there was nothing
Me - *laughing* Alamak… you mabuk or what?
Ah Ken – Dunno-lah. Help pull me up-lah
Me - *helpshimup*
Ah Ken – My mother sure kill me. I stink-lah
Me - *laughing*
Ah Ken – Chibeh-lah you laughing all the time
Me – You looked damn funny in the drain just now
Ah Ken – Funny your head arrr…
Me - *laughing*
Ah Ken – I go back now-lah
Me - *laughing*
Ah Ken – Chibeh-lah you laughing, laughing all the time
Me – Because now you also smell-lah. Wah! Damn bau-lah
Ah Ken – Ya. Smell like the kurap dog chibeh
Me – *howlinginlaughter*

Ah Ken made it back safely that night. The next day we met and had another good laugh. We told no one. Never. And until today we are very good friends.

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