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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Tampons Are Fun

I have completely changed my stance on feminine hygiene products. When I was a young boy, my mother wanted me to understand that it was just cotton (Remember those huge Kotex sanitary napkins?) something I should not feel embarrassed about buying at the kedai for her. Somehow the shopkeeper always automatically wrapped it in his best old newpaper fully aware of the torment in shame lugging the huge damn pinkish box as I walked back home for her 'emergency'. But now I think they are really one of a kind damn interesting toys. All this I found out when we visited an old GF’s place this afternoon.

GF - *demandingvoice* "What did you do with them?"
Me - *becameallfidgety* What are you talking about?
GF - *sheknewiwasguilty* Don’t you action action ok?
Me - *laughingnevouslikeshit* What are you mumbling about?
GF – Just tell me-lah. I know you took them. Geli-lah me.
Me - Well I was taking a dump in your bathroom so I got bored.
GF - *crunchesforehead* Then?
Me – There was nothing to read, so I read your Tampon box!
GF - *scratchingforehead* You haa… Really-lah
Me – I was intrigued. So I opened it. Very Interesting.
GF – Then?
Me - So I opened one up and shot it like a cannon.
GF – Nothing better else to do?
Me - *ignoringherremark* It was fun so I did one more.
GF - Another one?!
Me - Yep! It goes quite far also huh?
GF - *lookingatmelikeiamanidiotfor30seconds*
Me – What?
GF - I am trying to picture you, sitting on my toilet.
Me - Uhuh
GF - Pants around your ankles.
Me - Uhuh
GF - *pausestakesabreath*
Me - Uhuh
GF - having distance-shooting contests with my tampons.
Me – But I didn’t waste them you know? *chuckles*
GF – What? You bringing it with you?
Me – Nope. Placed them in the sink to see how absorbent they are
GF – Argh!
Me – Do you know they look like little stingrays when open up?
GF - What the hell is wrong with you?
Me - What!
GF – So my tampons shoot really far-lah
Me – Yep!
GF - and look like a stingray
Me – Yep!
GF – What else again?
Me – Lucky you have friends like me. Test your tampons out.
GF – The why you look confused?
Me – I don’t know how to ask this but you not malu-kah?
GF – Malu about what?
Me – You use super tampons?
GF - So?
Me - Like you gross down there or what?
GF - *laughs*
Me – We guys will get pumped up if we used super magnum condoms
GF - *laughing* No-lah, every woman have different period flows
Me – *chuckles* and i thought it had to do with size
GF - *givesevillook* Ya-lah! End of Subject
Me – But…
GF – Shuddap
Me - But I want t...
GF - Shuddap and don't tell the others what you did ok?
Me - Why not?
GF - Just don't.
Me - *shrugs*

But then now she goes around telling her friends that I like using her bathroom and playing with her tampons. What can I say? Its true.
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